Relax in the sauna and spa pool

The lakeside sauna, hot tub and spa pool

The lakeside sauna was built in 2010 and is 25 square metres in area. It comprises the sauna, as well as a separate room with washing facilities and a dressing room. There is a small wood-burning fireplace in the dressing room. Five guests can comfortably bathe in the sauna at any one time. The sauna has a wood-burning stove, and the washing room is fitted with under-floor heating. During the summer season the water is electrically pumped from the lake to the washing room, but in winter the water needs to be carried inside in buckets. Above the sauna there is a sleeping loft for up to four guests.  A glassed-in porch serves as a cooling-off area, above which is a small balcony that can be reached via the sleeping loft. In front of the building there is a patio area with seats, a roofed-over barbecue and a wood-heated hot tub. Steps from the patio lead straight onto the jetty. By the beach there is a terrace with a garden swing and a deck chair for relaxing. A separate outdoor toilet and a place for a campfire can also be found there.

The lakeside sauna and the hot tub can be heated daily to suit your own timetable.

The beach by the sauna is sandy and shallow, so it’s excellent for swimming.

Smoke sauna

The log-built smoke sauna constructed next of the lakeside sauna in 2017 has space for up to 10 people to sit and enjoy some sauna steam. Those enjoying a smoke sauna can also use the wash room in the lakeside sauna. The smoke sauna has a sheltered entrance area fitted with large windows where you can cool off and enjoy some refreshments during your sauna time, and by the smoke sauna there are steps going straight down to the water, in case you fancy taking a dip in the cool lake. In front of the smoke sauna, meanwhile, there is a well-equipped campfire grill built by Ikitaito Oy.

Heating and using the saunas

If there are several different groups or individuals renting accommodation at SyVilla at the same time, reservations should be made with the caretaker for using the lakeside or smoke sauna, outdoor hot tub or outdoor spa pool. If, on the other hand, there are no other groups or individuals staying, then you can freely use the lakeside sauna, outdoor hot tub and outdoor spa pool once you have paid the sauna fee. The heating of the smoke sauna, however, is always handled by the caretaker.

The lakeside area in front of the sauna is sandy and shallow, making it a very child-friendly swimming area.

The lakeside and smoke sauna, outdoor hot tub and outdoor spa pool can also be rented separately for occasions such as a sauna evening. The lakeside sauna and outdoor hot tub can either be preheated for you or you can take care of the heating yourself. The heating of the smoke sauna, however, is always handled by the caretaker.


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