Syvilla – the cottage at Syväniemi on the shore of Lake Kovesjärvi in southern Finland − offers great opportunities for leisure and provides a lovely setting for small-scale festivities and corporate events.

Services in Parkano

Bars and restaurants
Ege/s Kebab-Pizzeria, Keskuskatu 5, Parkano
HeseStoppi, Pahkalantie 3 / 3-tie, Parkano
Kahvila Käenkulma, Parkanontie 64, Parkano
Parkanon Autogrilli, Parkanontie 43, Parkano
Raijanholvi, Parkanontie 53, Parkano
Ravintola Parooni, Parkanontie 68, Parkano

Other services
S-Market Parkano, Humalankatu 1,Parkano
K-SUPERMARKET, Keskuskatu 9, Parkano
Lidl, Humalankatu 2, Parkano
Alko, Humalankatu 2, Parkano
Halpa-Halli, Teollisuustie 2, Parkano
SIWA Parkano, Toivolankatu, Parkano
EURO HAMSTERI, Pahkalantie 1, Parkano
Veikon Kone Parkano, Viljakankatu 30, Parkano
Tekniset Parkano, Keskuskatu 7, Parkano
SILMÄASEMA Parkano, Parkanontie 51, Parkano
Instrumentarium Parkano, Parkanontie 45, Parkano