Adventure accommodation

Why make do with a normal accommodation option when there is an adventurous and truly memorable alternative on offer. When sleeping in a Tentsile tree tent, you don’t need to be concerned about the unevenness or dampness of the ground because the tent is suspended in the air and attached to the surrounding trees. Because the tent is in the air, you also don’t need to be worried about any animals or insects that might be moving around on the ground. There is a transparent insect net firmly attached to the tent’s base sheet, and the whole thing is then covered with a separate, removable rain cover.

In the summer, you can find one two-person Tentsile Connect tree tent on Pikkusaari Island and two in the lakeside woods at SyVilla. If needed, we also have sleeping mats and sleeping bags available for rent.

The cost for the Tentsile tree tents is €80 per tent per night. Buy

Did you know that we also offer guided hikes to nearby natural attractions? If you want, you can also book yourself a sauna.


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