Guided nature excursions

Kintukka nature and recreational services offer guided hikes for groups to local nature sites and cultural sites. Some of the interesting nearby attractions include Alkkianvuori Mountain, Parkano Forest Museum, Lake Kiadatvedet and the surrounding nature trails, Aitoneva Peat Museum, Käskyvuori Mountain in Kihniö, Seitseminen National Park, Kauhaneva and Pohjankangas National Park, and Hämeenkangas and Pohjankangas.

Time travel through the history of the Hämeenkangas forests

Located in North Satakunta, Hämeenkangas is a ridge which is slightly over 20km long and which belongs to the Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark area. Over the centuries, human activities have shaped the forests of Hämeenkangas in quite dramatic ways. Around one hundred years ago, parts of the forest had been totally destroyed, and the area had become a sandy desert. These desertified areas have since become reforested again, partly through natural processes and partly through human intervention.

During the hiking excursion, the guide describes and explains the area’s geology, cultural history, forest use and ownership over the centuries, as well as the ecology of dry and rugged peaty forests. You will be surprised to discover the uniqueness and diversity of the history of the Hämeenkangas forests. Hämeenkangas is one of the natural attractions in the Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark area. The meeting point is in front of the Jämi Arena.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Availability: May–October
Group size: 5–20 people
Price: €225 (incl. VAT at 24%)


A forest experience for all the senses

Did you know that research has shown that spending 10 minutes in a forest is enough to lower one’s blood pressure. One’s mood is improved after 20 minutes, attentiveness increases after an hour, and after two hours your body’s immune system is boosted.

During the forest hike, a trained instructor teaches about the well-being benefits of forests and leads participants in trying out different sensory ‘forest immersion’ exercises. This forest immersion technique has been developed through decades of coaching experience. It is strongly rooted in knowledge obtained through research from environmental psychology and the behavioural sciences.

The ‘forest experience for all the senses’ is suitable for carrying out in any peaceful forest locations, such as national parks.

Duration: 2–3 hours
Availability: May–October
Group size: 5–15 people
Price: €225 (incl. VAT at 24% )


A trip to the ancient seashore at Alkkianvuori Mountain

On the Alkkianvuori Mountain nature trail, you can experience a dramatic and rugged landscape located along the borders of a watershed; a place where coastal cobble deposits and slope marshes tell of the history of the sea and lakes since the end of the last ice age. The area is one of the most significant in the Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark area. During the hike, the guide will introduce the geological history and special features of the nature on Alkkianvuori Mountain as well as the activities of the Karvia Karvia Auxiliary Prison and the Forest Research Institute. They will also explain how nature affects people’s psychological, social and physical well-being, while you at the same time can admire the views over the forest from the rocky cliffs. At the end of the hike, you get to enjoy coffee, tea and sandwiches around the campfire.

Duration: about 3  hours
Availability: May–October
Group size: 5–20 people
Price: €225 (incl. VAT at 24% )


Information about the Everyman’s Rights (right to roam) in Finland can be found at (in Finnish).

Fishing equipment

SyVilla offers its guests free use of its rowing boats, canoes and life jackets as well as any needed fishing equipment (rods and spinners in summer, ice drill and jigs in winter). The fishing fee, however, needs to be paid to the accommodation staff.

Day trip to SyVilla

Enjoy a relaxing day trip to the traditional surroundings of SyVilla and its tranquil nature. While enjoying the introductory coffee and refreshments, you will get to hear the fascinating story of the local family that built the SyVilla farmhouse. After the coffee, you can explore the premises and surroundings of SyVilla at your leisure. Before the light picnic lunch, you can learn about the health effects of nature and practice together with others a few ‘forest immersion’ exercises.

Duration: 3–4 hours
Availability: May–October, when there are no guests staying at SyVilla
Group size: max 30 people

Price: €200 (incl. VAT at 24%) + meals

Horse riding

Located right next to SyVilla are the Satumaa stables, which offer excellent horse riding options. It also offers different kinds of rides in horse-drawn carriages. Contact: Satu Koivisto, tel: +358400 770 2138,


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